Keeping More of Your Money!

Financial Planning:

A truck driver's income varies from week to week. When you have some idea what your expenses will be as an owner-operator, you can work toward earning an amount to exceed your expenses.

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Before Starting the Search:

Owner Operator Tax Tips

Career Progression: Becoming an Owner Operator:

Prepare a Budget
Printable Budget Worksheets
Anticipate Expenses

Brief Overview of the Industry:

As a driver you should be familiar with the laws governing you, the truck and the carrier. These three areas and the rules you should understand are covered with these links in enough detail that you will be able to comply with the obligations imposed on professional drivers. Remember, these are federal requirements and your state may have additional legislation you should understand. Please refer here for contact information.

Driver Regulations
Vehicle Regulations



HazMat Regulations
Regulatory Guidance
Drug and Alcohol Regulations
For Regulations for Age, Literacy, Physical Ability, and Substance Abuse visit here

Being aware of these regulations will make you a more informed driver and will assist you in understanding the rules governing your industry.

A Brief History into the U.S DOT

Granger Movement
Theodore Rossevelt