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If you were already a truck driver when you met your spouse, then they probably had an understanding of how often you would be home. If you scheduled your dates three months in advance because you ran over the road, then your partner is well aware of the time you spent away from home.

If you were already married when you decided to become a professional driver, then you had other issues to consider. Did you discuss your desire to drive a truck with your family before you made the career move, or did you suddenly turn in your resignation and sign up for truck driving school because you had had enough of your current situation?

Hopefully you discussed the issue with your family, as changing jobs in this industry isn't just a career move; it's a lifestyle change.

If you are currently considering changing careers and picked up this workbook so you could take it home and share it with your spouse, then this resource site will connect you to what you need to begin! This workbook will help you, and your family, anticipate some of the changes everyone will experience when you become a professional driver. Please choose the appropriate order form below and fax back to 877-334-1386 OR email to workbook@familiesintrucking.com. Thanks!


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